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  • Silver City Daily Press
    October 2009
    "Silke Schneider and a Spanish Barb Horse"
    By Luis Perez

  • The Horsemen's Voice
    February 2009
    "Silke Schneider - A Long, Long, Long Rider"
    By Tom Bryant

  • Sonorensis
    Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
    Winter 2007
    "Wilbur-Cruce Heritage Horses"
    By Diana Hadley

  • The Trail Rider Magazine
    June 2008
    "Rare Breeds - Colonial Spanish Horse"
    By Honi Roberts

  • The Trail Rider Magazine
    January/February 2008
    "Spanish Horses"
    By Honi Roberts

  • Saudi Aramco World
    January/February 2007
    "The Barb"
    By Jane Grutz

  • Storey's Illustrated Guide to 96 Horse Breeds of North America
    Fall 2005
    "Wilbur-Cruce Mission Horse"

  • Vista Magazine
    Summer 2005
    "The Blood of the Conquistador's Horses flows on"

  • North Valley Chronicle
    May, 2004
    "Made in Arizona: The Wilbur-Cruce Horse

  • Tri-Valley Dispatch
    January 23, 2002
    "Rare Breed of Equine Coming Back"

  • The Desert Leaf
    April, 2002
    "Rare Domestic Breed In Danger"

  • Tucson Citizen
    April 25, 2000
    "Alive and Kicking"

  • The Denver Post
    April 19, 1998
    "Pure Spanish Horse Breed Traced to Early Missionary"

  • The West
    March 28, 1998
    "Ancient Breed of Horses Opens Windows to Past"

  • Tucson Citizen
    February 2, 1998
    "Horse Breed Finds a Future Here"

  • Santa Cruz Valley Journal
    "Spanish Horses Survive
    Wilbur-Cruce Strain Remains Pure"

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