Our Herd:

Sire: Geronimo
(foundation stallion)
Dam: Leta
(foundation mare)
Foaled: 5-15-94

Juanita is still going strong at age 26! She is retired from riding but enjoys being ponied out in Ft Baird.

Sire: Santiago
(foundation stallion)
Dam: Juanita
Foaled: 3-25-00

Josefina is back home with me and Richard since May 5th, 2019. We are SO happy to have her back home!!!


Mule Petey joined our family in May 2015 at age 12. He is a total pleasure to ride and super gentle with all our equines. He can be a little stinker and run off while leading him ... lol


Super cute mini Frankie joined our family in May of 2018 at age 8. He loves to pull his little cart and we are having a super fun time! Even RinTin, my little dog, likes to ride in the cart!

(aka Lucy)
- SMR registered Spanish Mustang & - HOA registered Colonial Spanish Horse

Sire: Tobi Juan Kadobi
Dam: Sulphur's Spice
Foaled: 6/8/07

Lucy went to Dave Robinsons ranch in Rodeo, Arizona. She had a beautiful colt, Rizado, in July of 2019.

Pilar Wilbur
Sire: Wilbur-Cruce stallion
Dam: Leta
Foaled: 1995

Pilar and Esha.
I am so happy you are together! Many happy trails together!

La Reina de la Cruce
Sire: Santiago
(foundation stallion)
Dam: Pilar
Foaled: 3-28-02

La Reina went to live with Esha and family and Pilar in Oracle, Arizona. Both, Pilar and La Reina had beautiful babies and La Reina is pregnant again!!!

Eva had her first foal this spring,
photo will follow!
Eva Cruce
Sire: Galán
(son of foundation stallion
Chief Francisco)

Dam: Tubac
Foaled: 3-19-00

New owner:
Dave Robinson
- Congratulations -

Jose Juan

Sire: Tumacacori
Dam: Tubac
Foaled: 4-10-04

Jose Juan went to Dave Robinsons ranch where the grand kids enjoy riding him.

Lorenzo and Beth Mann

Sire: Tumacacori
Dam: Pilar Wilbur
Foaled: 4-15-04


New owner Beth Mann
and "Lorenzo"
- Congratulations! -


Sadly SiSi passed away in December 2012 from colic complications.

Sierra Bonita Cruce

Sire: Tom Cruce
Dam: Tubac
Foaled: 3-27-03

"Tubac" and 1-day-old colt "Jose Juan"
April 2004
Foaled in 1989 on the Wilbur-Cruce Ranch in the "wild".


Congratulations Mike and Sandy Bruce!

Sire: Kino
Dam: Tubac
Foaled: 3-13-02

New owner:   Larry Griffin
      - Congratulations -


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